Enforce disappearance of Baloch youth continues: Nawab Jan Nizar Baloch abducted.

Occupied Balochistan: Enforce disappearance of Baloch youth continues unabated. Shaheed Ilyas Nizar’s elder brother, Nawab Jan Nizar Baloch was abducted from Turbat.

According to detail on Thursday morning (22 November 2012) when Nawab Jan with his younger brother and a relative was travelling from Absor to Turbat at “Do Corm River” he was abducted by people in plain cloths.

Nawab Jan’s family told the media that he was not affiliated with any political party, he owns a small business in Turbat city and he was travelling to the city to attend to it. His path at river was blocked by two cars, the occupants of one car came and force his out of his car and abducted him they also said these people did not looked like Baloch.

It should be remembered that his younger brother Ilyas Nizar was a student of MSc, a member of BSO-Azad and was also affiliated with Balochi language magazine Dhorant. On his way home from Quetta he was abducted by Pakistani state intelligence agencies on 22 December 2010. His mutilated dead body was found after 14 day with another fellow student and BSO-Azad CC member Qamber Chakar on 5 January 2011 from Pedark near Turbat.

On hearing the news the shops in Turbat city were shut down. Anjuman Tajran Turbat an organization representing businessman of Turbat took out a rally, students also joined them. The rally marched through the city chanting slogans against government. The march ended in a protest sit-in at the office of Deputy Commissioner where they demanded the immediate release of Nawab Jan Nizar Baloch .

Baloch Human Rights Organisation also took out protest rallies in Karachi and Quetta demanding the safe return of Nawab Jan Nizar Baloch.

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