Baloch liberation movement gaining international recognition: BNM

Occupied Balochistan: The chairman of Baloch National Movement, Khalil Baloch, said on Saturday that Baloch freedom struggle gained support of many countries in world because of the hard work of pro-liberation activists.

Uniting of all Baloch freedom loving organisations on Balochistan Liberation Charter will be positive step and will help galvanise further support for independence movement on international level. It will also help devise a better policy for the future of Baloch nation.

“The Baloch political struggle and sacrifices of Baloch son of soil has forced pro-imperialists to take a defensive position. Clear strategy of freedom has made Baloch cause more rational and easy to gain support of the Baloch masses”, said Mr Baloch.

He further said it was important to resolve the Baloch national question and put an end to evil and systematic occupation of Balochistan for the world peace, justice and economic stability.

Commenting on Netherlands’ decision to provide $2.5 million dollars aid to Balochistan police, the chairman of BNM feared that this amount will be used against Baloch freedom struggle. He alleged that Pakistan state was supporting criminals, drug traffickers and religious extremist gangs to make the life miserable for general public. “The police in Pakistan have been provided the license to kill”, Mr Baloch added.

Khalil Baloch said that state’s support for criminals and anti-social gangs was forcing common people to abandon their other daily activities, and struggle for a peaceful life and to get rid of colonial forces. “The more the Pakistani forces intensify their exploitative policies and criminal activities in Balochistan the more hatred of the masses they earn”, the BNM chairman said.

He said fast growing public awareness has forced the Pakistani security forces to expand and intensify their atrocities against freedom loving Baloch political parties. However, the state should know that it cannot continue its loot and plunder for long.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that BNM’s financial secretary Samad Tagrani Baloch and well-known Baloch journalist Javid Naseer Rind Baloch, who was also a member of BNM, were politically struggling but they were abducted by Pakistani security forces and killed in custody. Their tortured and bullet-ridden bodies were found on 3rd November 2011.

He said closing the artificial border between Eastern and Western Balochistan is aimed to make the Baloch people suffer economically and to prevent the Baloch families, living on both sides of the border, visit each other.

Courtesy: BalochWarnaNews

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