Abduction and killings of Baloch doctors is a grave concerned: Baloch Doctors’ forum

Occupied Balochistan: The government has failed to recover the enforced-disappeared doctors and arrest those behind target killing of Baloch doctors.

The Baloch Doctors’ Forum (BDF) said Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch and Dr Akbar Marri are already missing from past several years and now Dr Saeed Khan has also been abducted. The security forces and Balochistan government has also failed to bring the killers of Dr Dawod Aziz and Dr Abdul Hameed Bangulzai to justice.

The central spokesperson of BDF said, “It seems that this is all being done under a pre-planned conspiracy and the government has failed to protect the life savours.”

They further said that despite registering the case of aforementioned doctors with Supreme Court office in Quetta and Balochistan High court the government has not been able to arrest the killers and abductors even after the respected court ordered the security forces to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“If the government failed to take immediate measures to address these issues, we will be forced to adopt stricter approach,” said the leader of BDF.

The Baloch Doctors’ Forum said due government’s failure to arrest the culprits doctors are on continuous strike which is causing difficulties for the patients. At the same time doctors are also reluctant to perform their duties under constant fear.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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