Three Baloch including a 17 years student whisked away

Maqbool Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces have abducted two Baloch youth from Turbat and Hub towns of Balochistan on Monday. An elderly man was abducted from Wahd area of Balochistan on Sunday.

Sources reported that on Monday at about 11:30 AM Bahar Khan Marri s/o Jamal Khan Marri whose eldest brother Mazar Khan Marri was arrested last year was abducted near Sakran police station in the industrial town of Hub, Balochistan.

He is 17 years old and had gone to attend the court hearing of his brother Mazar Khan in Lasbela. While on his way back home he was forced down from his motor bike by persons unknown in a 2 D car and twin cabin vehicle and taken away. The relatives have visited the police stations but they express ignorance about the incident. The relatives feel that Pakistani security agencies are involved.

In a press release the relatives of Mr Marri have said that he is a first year student and he has no affiliations with any armed group or political parties. He has only been arrested for being a Marri Baloch. The family has appealed to the international human rights organisations and media to pressurise Pakistan to release the 17 year old student unharmed and without any delay.

Meanwhile another Baloch youth Mr. Maqbool s/o Naimat Ullah, a resident of Gomazi, has been abducted by the Pakistani secret agencies when he was on his way to Gomazi from Turbat. He was offloaded from a passenger vehicle; witnesses and family members said he has been whisked away by Pakistani security agencies.

Separately, an elderly man named Abdul Haq Mengal was abducted from Wadh area of Balochistan on Sunday. The family members have accused the head of Pakistan army’s proxy death squad Shafiq Mengal and his cronies for the abduction of Mr Mengal.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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