Balochistan: Shutter down protest against target killings and military operation


Occupied Balochistan: Complete shutter down strike observed in different cities of Balochistan on a call given by the Baloch National Front on Wednesday.

The strike in various cities of Balochistan was against the ongoing human rights violations including disappearances, custodial and targeted killings and the recent military operation by Pakistani security forces in Gidar, Nalent and Kulanch areas of Balochistan.

All government, non-government offices and Banks remained closed on this occasion and there was thin traffic on the roads. Business owners and shopkeepers shut their shops and business in solidarity with victims of state barbarism.

Baloch National Front’s spokesperson thanked the traders and general public for supporting the strike call. He further said that the successful shutter down strike was an expression of hatred against the occupiers by the Baloch nation.

The BNF press released further read that frightened of the imminent of defeat the Pakistani occupiers were carrying out inhuman and arbitrary activities and were openly target killings of Baloch activists. According the press release the Pakistani forces, their parliamentarian agents and anti Baloch proxy death squads of the state were jointly involved in killings and military operations in different regions of Balochistan. He said that this tactic of Pakistan will also fail like the previous failed attempts to counter the liberation struggle.

The spokesperson further said that the successful shutter down strike is also a clear message to those who are dreaming to participate in Pakistani elections.

Courtney: Baloch Warna

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