Pakistani forces search operation in Kulanch: civilian abducted, women & children beaten up

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani army, on Monday (8 October 2012) , carried out a door-to-door search operation which ended up abducting one innocent civilian and beating up several women including two aged grandmothers and children.

This is the fourth search operation so far in Nalent in less than one month. The operation was later stretched to adjoining area of Belaar.

One Baloch woman has been hospitalized after suffering from head injury when occupying forces beat her up in front of her children while conducting an illegal raid over her house.

For the record, at least 20 civilians were arrested in a similar search operation in Kulanch about a month ago. The forces’ vehicle met an accident in which 15 arrestees were wounded.

Courtesy: Baloch Johd 

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