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The need to institutionalise the Baloch Liberation Struggle – By Jamal Nasir Baloch

The resistance movement may liberate Balochistan but without institutionalisation the process of democratisation would badly fail

The Baloch liberation movement is continuing since 1948 after Pakistani forces occupied Balochistan forcefully. This essay will highlight the importance of the institutionalisation of movement for sustainable resistance. The first part of essay will highlight the concentration of Irish leadership on institutionalisation and refusal of British state as whole. In the second part the essay will look into the concept of institutionalisation according to social scientists and the third part concludes how institutions can began in the Baloch national struggle.

“They can even conscript us!, they can use us as cannon fodder in the Somme but we have a weapon more powerful than any in the whole arsenal of the British Empire, that weapon is our refusal, Our refusal to bow to any order but our own, Any institution but our own” Michael Collins

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Pakistani forces search operation in Kulanch: civilian abducted, women & children beaten up

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani army, on Monday (8 October 2012) , carried out a door-to-door search operation which ended up abducting one innocent civilian and beating up several women including two aged grandmothers and children.

This is the fourth search operation so far in Nalent in less than one month. The operation was later stretched to adjoining area of Belaar.

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