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Baloch National Front condemns military operation in Gidar Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: The spokesman of Baloch National Front strongly condemning the military operation in Gidar area of Balochistan has said that a military operation under the command of Shafeeq Mengal and SanaUllah zehri, is being conducted from last two days in Killi Alim Khan Zahi, Gidr are in Soorab, Balochistan. The military Gunship Helicopters are continuously bombarding the Baloch localities. At least two women and a child have died in the brutal military aggression.

The statement further said that the operation was initiated two days ago by Pakistani forces with the help of Shafeeq Mengal and Sanaullah Zehri. Many houses and properties have been totally destroyed by massive bombardment. The whole area is still under siege and there are reports that there is acute shortage of necessary commodities.

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