Baloch Freedom fighters will defend Baloch national identity and dignity: Gowahram Baloch.

Eight members of State Sponsored Death Squads, Twelve Personnel of Pakistan Army killed, Gunship Helicopter Chelling on Civil Population Continuing.

By Archen Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The Spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) informed Baloch media that at the behest of the head of Death Squads, Shafee Mengal and Sanaullah Zehri, Pakistani occupying forces are committing war crimes against Baloch nation by conducting aerial bombardment on civilian population, as result of this barbaric aerial bombardment a child along with two elderly women embraced martyrdom.

According to Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), spokesperson the occupying forces have subjected the area of Gidar with intense search operation backed by Gunship helicopters since Monday. He said that Pakistani occupying forces were harassing the common villagers, blocking the all commuting roads.

cheHe said that Baloch Sarmachars, the freedom fighters of BLF, confronted the coward forces of Pakistan army in Gidar’s mountain and inflicted heavy losses on enemy forces, among them eight were from Shafeque Mengal and Sanaullah Zehri Death Squad and twelve from  Frontier Corps (FC) personnel. “Baloch Freedom fighters leave no stone unturned in defending Baloch national identity and dignity” said Gowahram Baloch. Informing the Baloch media he said that the occupying forces of Pakistan army are terrorizing the local population besides looting the belongings of poor villagers in the Gidar village. Expressing the resolve of Baloch Sarmachars, BLF spokesperson said that they relentlessly pursue the path freedom by conducting guerrilla war against occupying enemy forces of Pakistan on Baloch soil.

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