UN should take practical steps in Balochistan – BSO-Azad

Baloch Student’s Organization (Azad)’s spokesperson in a released statement stated that United Nation’s working group after being aware of Pakistan’s atrocities in Balochistan should use UN’s mandate in accordance with the International Laws, to take practical steps to end such atrocities and the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan, instead of asking Pakistan’s state organs to take any steps by themselves.

The statement further added that the working committee’s visit to Balochistan and its press conference on the issue is a position sign, however it is also quite evident that Pakistan’s institutions didn’t let the committee to gather information freely and in the right direction; Pakistan also tried to divert the process by creating confusions on the statistics of the people enforcedly disappeared and murdered by the security forces of Pakistan; moreover Pakistan’s political organizations to show their support for Pakistan army didn’t show the correct picture of the atrocities being committed in Balochistan by Pakistan.

In the presence of these difficulties and hurdles, the working committee’s efforts are important as well as positive, but to further understand the seriousness of the issue, United Nations should send its teams to different parts of Balochistan and interact with the common Balochs here to understand the extent of Pakistan’s brutalities in Balochistan. Only by visiting other parts of Balochistan the world to come to know that most of Balochistan is under a military siege, several of thousands of people have been displaced and the critical conditions that the Baloch people are living in. When the working UN’s working committee was in Balochistan to collect date on enforced disappearances, its activities were deliberately limited by Pakistan so that the world may not know of the actual number of disappearances in Balochistan. Baloch people have made this clear to the international community that Baloch struggle is for safeguarding its national territories and attaining independence and Pakistan’s aggression is to suppress the legitimate voices of Baloch people, and this aggression can by no means be hidden from the international community.

The statement further said that the press conference of the working committee should raise concerns for the international humanitarian organizations and United Nations itself, as it clearly mentioned that the Pakistan’s institutions are directly involved in committing human rights abuses in Balochistan and that these institutions are not answerable to any law or humanitarian conscience, which in other words is a threat to human progression and the very foundations that United Nations stand on. The committee’s expression of concern on the acts of Pakistan’s agencies and security forces endorses the Baloch people’s opinion that Pakistan is a threat to International peace and it is not possible to stop Pakistan from being such a threat by giving such instructions, rather United Nations should intervene In the situation and send a fact finding mission to different parts of Balochistan so that the world would be aware of the gross human rights abuses being committed by Pakistan all over Balochistan and also of the correct figures of such abuses which are presently being misrepresented by Pakistan.

Courtesy: Sagar.com

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