Relatives of enforced-disappeared Baloch condemn threats to VBMP leaders

Occupied Balochistan: The relatives, mostly women, of abducted Baloch activists have strongly condemned the threats to the leaders and member of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. Terming such intimidating acts as cowardice the families of enforced-disappeared Baloch have vowed to continue the struggle for release of their loved ones.

Addressing a press conference at their token hunger strike camp outside Quetta Press Club, the Baloch women said, “Some narrow-minded people and stooges of establishment want to impose obsolete traditions on Baloch society, portraying them as Baloch culture. It is not Baloch culture and imposition of artificial rubrics will not be accepted at any cost.” They asked how Nifaz-e-Aman could talk about Baloch women when they themselves were involved in violations of rights of women. “These are tactics of occupying forces. Those who talk about the honour of women have forgotten the humiliation of around 200 Baloch women at the hand of occupying forces. Why is Nafiz-e-Aman silent on state atrocities against Baloch women?”

They said women had a positive role in the history of the world and that Baloch women had played a positive role in their struggle against the illegal occupation and military operations in Balochistan, adding that Baloch women stood shoulder to should with Baloch men in mountains during Bhutto’s era.

“Baloch women continue to play their role to highlight atrocities inflicted upon their brothers,” the women said in the press conference.

They expressed their resolve that they were prepared to go to any place to register their protest despite threats. They condemned the remarks made against them by the Nifaz-e-Aman spokesman, saying his party was oblivious to human rights violations and was following the commands of intelligence agencies.

The women said they rejected the threats and that they were determined not to submit to pressure tactics of intelligence agencies or any other group, adding that their struggle for their rights and for the safe recovery of their loved ones would continue.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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