HORROR: Grisly Cries of Pain and Torture Being Heard from Army Checkpoint in Makola

Locals terrified, Passers by could clearly hear screams of pain after midnight

Occupied Balochistan,PASNI: According to details locals in Makola, situated in between Pasni and Ormara, are continuously hearing cries of extreme pain and screams of torture from close-by Pakistani occupying forces checkpoint right after midnight, every night.

Now an army facility, the base was built by FWO (Frontier Works Organization) during Makran Coastal Highway project to accomodate the engineers and labors. But was later on handed over to the army.

These screams are clearly heard from a nearby roadside restaurant where mostly trucks and buses heading to Karachi stop-by to have supper. Terrified passengers choose to make the stay quick and leave the area in fear.

It feels like people are being severely tortured by some blunt object, a local said. It continues the whole night and ends just before the dawn. It is a dreadful feeling, he added.

Every other passerby asks us where are these grisly sounds coming from? locals said.

It must be noted that, in past, dozens of brutally tortured bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch youths being dumped on coastal highway, between Pasni and Ormara, in district Gwadar.

Courtesy: Baloch Johd

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