Eight Marri Baloch from same family abducted in Quetta

<a href='http://balochwarna.com/features/articles.18/Pakistan039s-secret-dirty-war.html'>Pakistan's secret dirty war</a>

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces have abducted at least eight members of a family from Quetta during a pre-dawn raid. The victims are stated to be in the withheld custody of Para-military forces (FC) in the vicinity.

According to details the residents of Gohar Abad, Quetta, have said that on Sunday night their residential houses were besieged and later ransacked by Pakistani security forces. In spite of not finding anything illegal the Pakistani forces abducted eight members of same family.

The victims have been named as Mazar Khan s/o Haji Sher Mohammad Marri, Kala Khan s/o Haji Sher Mohammad Marri, Ameer Khan s/o Ali Mohammad Marri, Raheem Khan s/o Ali Mohammad Marri, Lal Khan s/o Ameer Khan Marri, Mohammad Gul s/o Shadi Khan Marri, Gulzar s/o Zareen Marri and Bashkiya Marri.

The residents said, “We are traders and majority of our abducted relatives spend most of their time in running the general stores that we own in Saryab Custom area of Quetta. We have no political association with any organisation and we are not involved in any kind of illicit activity but even then we are continuously being harassed.”

One of the men, Mazar Khan s/o Haji Sher Mohammad Marri, was abducted three times earlier, twice during the dictatorship of Parvez Musharraf era. He was illegally detained in Pakistani torture cells for more than two years and subject to inhuman treatment. He was later released in very critical condition without judicial trial in any court. He was abducted for the third time few months ago from his shop by personnel of Intelligence agencies but was released when Chief Justice of Pakistan took action on missing persons’ case,” said the relatives of abducted Baloch. “This is the fourth time Mr Marri along with his relatives has been abducted.”

The residents of area appealed United Nations, Pakistani Supreme Court, High Court of Balochistan and other humanitarian organisations to take notice of the abduction of their abducted loved ones.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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