Balochistan situation is critical; another 25 member team of UN will visit soon: VBMP

Occupied Balochistan:The leaders of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons have submitted a list of 2300 Baloch enforced-disappeared Baloch to the visiting United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances and informed them that around 14000 Baloch were currently being illegally held by Pakistani security forces.

The VBMP delegation headed by Chairman Nasarulla Baloch and vice chairman Qadeer Baloch and Banuk Farzana Majeed Baloch apprised the UN Working Group about the extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and other gross human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistani security forces. The VBMP delegation presented a, so far available, list of 2300 enforced disappeared Baloch to the UN mission and informed them that thousands of Baloch have been abducted but accurate information of 1321 persons was available, whose cases were registered with WGEID. VMBP said there was concrete evidence that these people were abducted by Pakistan’s security forces.

Nasurulla Baloch while talking to the press that they also apprised the UN Working Group about mutilated and tortured bodies of at least 450 Baloch activists, killed in cold blood, dumped across Balochistan but UN WGEID delegation said they were only mandated to collect information about enforced-disappearances. Acknowledging the gravity of Balochistan situation the UN delegation admitted that said that the situation was highly volatile and deteriorating. According Nasruallh Baloch’s the United Nations working group assured the VBMP delegation that another UN delegation of 25 members would soon visit Balochistan to assess the ongoing human rights violations there.

The chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons further said that, during the briefing, they had explained to the UN mission about the negative role of the Pakistan state institutions towards Baloch nation and expressed their dismay that they had no expectation of justice from Pakistan’s institutions. “Although, the Supreme Court had taken some steps in this regard but the security agencies did not heed to the orders of court to produce enforced-disappeared person. Therefore it is now incumbent that the United Nations and other International Human Rights Organisations to play their role to resolve Balochistan issue.”

Meanwhile, Qadeer Baloch, the Vice chairman of VBMP told the press that their representatives, consisting of families of Baloch abducted Baloch, met the UN working Group and submitted the list of 450 Baloch who were killed in custody and their tortured bodies were thrown across Balochistan. The VBMP delegation also informed the UN team that at least 14000 Baloch have been abducted by state’s security forces. He said the UN delegation assured Baloch missing persons’ delegation that they would pass on the list to the rulers. He said there was a massive different between the list presented by VBMP and the government officials. He charged that the state officials were trying hard to conceal their crimes and misinformed the UN delegation about the number of enforced-disappeared Baloch and those who have been extra-judicially killed by Pakistan’s security agencies.

Separately, delegations of Baloch political parties including BNM, BRP, BNV and member of civil society from Balochistan also met the UN team to explain the deteriorating situation of Balochistan. They complained about Pakistani security forces accesses in Balochistan, the historical fact that Baloch country was illegally occupied and the Baloch nation’s struggle for their Independence.

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