Baloch Journalist from Gwadar shot dead in Karachi

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Karachi : The Vice president of Gwadar Press Club, who had gone to Karachi to attend a two-day media training workshop organized by the International Federation of Journalists (I.F.J.), was shot dead in Lyari area of Karachi on Friday 31 August 2012.

According to details Dilshad Dehani, the Vice President of Gawadar Press Club and a senior reporter of Daily Balochistan Express (English) and Daily Azadi (Urdu), was returning from a media training workshop when unidentified attackers shot him dead at a bus stop in Lyari, Karachi. The attackers fled from the scene after the incident.

Balochistan Union of Journalists (BUJ) has strongly condemned his killing and demanded for the immediate arrest of the culprits. In a statement the BUJ said the truth cannot be concealed by such barbaric acts. They said Dilshad Dehani’s murder was a pre-planned conspiracy. They BUJ called upon Karachi and Sindh provincial authorities to take immediate measures to arrest the elements responsible for the killing of the Baloch journalist.

They also urged the International Organisations for protection of Journalists to take prompt notice of Dehani murder.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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