Baloch to commemorate International Day of the Disappeared in Toronto

Canada (Toronto):  Baloch Human Rights Council(Canada) and International Voice for the Baloch Missing People are organizing a peace full protest to draw the attention for over 14000 Baloch youth and political activists that have been made forcefully disappeared by the Pakistani Military Establishment. Baloch are resisting against Pakistan’s illegal occupation of Balochistan. Some over 14,000 Baloch Political activist are missing and over 400 bullet riddle bodies were dumped on the street by the Pakistani Military Establishment to spread fear amongst the Baloch youth. This year the special emphasis is given to Mr Zakir Majid the senior vice chairman of Baloch Student Organization (Azad) who is disappeared since 2009.

Disappearances have continued to this day and the week does not pass by when Baloch family do not embrace the bullet riddle bodies of their loved ones.

Please join hands with Baloch Families to put pressure on Pakistani Government against this violation of basic human rights.

When: September 02, 2012

Where: 200 Front Street West Toronto, in front of CBC Building

Time: 2:30 PM


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