BSO-A gives shutter down strike call on 30th August in Balochistan

Shutter down strike on International day against disappearances will be observed throughout Balochistan. Protests will also be held around the world against disappearance of BSO-A leader Zakir Majeed Baloch, Dr Din Mohammad Baloch and thousands other. In this regard protests will be held in Canada, Australia and Europe.

The central Spokesperson of Baloch Student Organization – Azad has said in his statement that all diaspora zones of BSO-A and the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IVBMP) will hold protests in Australia, Canada, London, Sweden, Ireland and Norway on International day against disappearances. Baloch Community Germany will also hold protests in Koln city of Germany. Awareness campaigns will also be conducted on this day to provide information to the outer world about brutalities and disappearances in Balochistan.

“Pakistani Intelligence agencies have abducted thousands of Baloch leaders, activists and unarmed innocent Baloch in occupied Balochistan. These activists include the senior leader of BSO-A, Sangat Zakir Majeed, BNM leader Dr Din Mohammad, Ehsan Arjumandi, Sammi Mengal, Mushtaq Baloch and various others. More than 400 Baloch activists have been killed and dumped whereas thousands are still languishing in Pakistani torture cells where they are facing inhumane torture and brutalities,” said the BSO-A spokesperson.

He further said that protests will be held in foreign countries on International day against disappearances to let the world know about cruelties in Balochistan. Balochs living in foreign countries should ensure their participation in these protests so that the Baloch like others also succeed in informing the world about occupation of their motherland. The Baloch nation should let the world know that they are united in the struggle for a free Balochistan.”

BSO-A cordially thanks Baloch Community Germany for supporting the protest call.

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