Families of Baloch missing persons held demonstrations on Eid Day

Occupied Balochistan:Families of missing persons held demonstrations on deserted roads on Eid day to protest against the non-recovery of their dear ones.

The rally was organised and led by Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Chairman Nasrullah Baloch. Sister of Zakir Majeed Baloch, sister of Mir Abdul Wadood Raisani, Baloch Republican Party (Women’s Wing) President Huran Bibi and hundreds of others also tooK part in the protest.

Shouting slogans against state functionaries, the protesters, including women and children, carried portraits of their missing relatives. They were also carrying placards inscribed with slogans, ‘Stop enforced disappearances’ and ‘Recover all missing persons’. They marched through different roads of the city and later dispersed peacefully outside the Quetta Press Club.

Addressing the protesters, Nasrullah said that they had been protesting the kidnappings of the Baloch by security forces, adding that the Supreme Court and the international community too seemed convinced that the Baloch missing persons were in the custody of security agencies.

Talking to reporters, VBMP Vice President Mama Qadir Baloch said that the sole purpose of rally was to draw the attention of the world community towards tragic state of the Baloch.

“How can we celebrate Eid when our sons and brothers are abducted, tortured and later their decomposed bodies are thrown away. There is no home left in Balochistan from where a person is not killed, tortured or abducted by security forces and intelligence agencies. There is mourning in every home in Balochistan and the pain of missing persons become more critical for families when people around them celebrate Eid or other festival and our loved ones are tortured in cells,” he said.

Courtesy : Baloch Johd

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