Balochistan: Doctors vowed to continue protest till release of colleagues

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch doctor’s Forum, in a statement, said that Baloch Doctors’ Forum and Pakistan Medical Association started the ongoing protest when Dr Deen Mohammad Bangulzai was discovered, and it will continue until the release of Dr Ghulam Rasul, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch and Doctor Akbar Marri.

The protesting doctors said the government was not paying serious attention to their protest because it has failed to protect the doctors and arrest abductors and killers of their associates. “The killers of Professor Dr Mazar Khan Baloch, Dr Baqir Shah, Dr Saleh Baloch, Dr Momtaz Haydar, Dr Samad Khan Achakzai and others are still at large”, said the BDF.

They said Dr Ghulam Rasul has been abducted from Baruri Road Quetta, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch was abducted from his official residence at Ornach hospital three years ago and Dr Akbar Marri was abducted three years back from Saryab Road Quetta. They said the whereabouts of the aforementioned doctors is still unknown.

They said, “If the situation remains as it is now for doctors, then we will be forced to leave the work and go back to our homes.” They charged that not providing protection to the doctor was the complete failure of the government.

According the BDF statement no one is safe in Balochistan at present including students, doctors, journalists, professors, intellectuals, traders and political activists – the government has failed all of them and they feel unsecure. “If the government cannot provide relief to the people, they should resign”, demanded the doctors. They appealed to the Supreme Court to take notice of abduction of doctors and question the government on their silence.

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