Rehman Malik is involved in crimes against humanity in Balochistan: Hyrbyair Marri

The Baloch patriot leader, Hyrbyair Marri, has strongly criticized the Pakistan Media, Judiciary and other institutions, adding that Pakistan has prepared for a full scale military operation in Balochistan against Baloch nation.

The Baloch leader said that Rehman Malik, the federal interior minister of Pakistan, is involved in war crimes in Balochistan. Frontier Corps in Balochistan operates directly under the supervision of Rehman Malik. The FC, MI & ISI also abduct Baloch youth on his orders. The FC’s involvement in extra judicial killings and abductions of Baloch youth was recently proven when the IG police not only presented a video footage to the Supreme Court of Pakistan but he also appeared before the court and gave evidence. Despite this concrete proof, the Baloch youth shown in the video footage being abducted by FC were later killed and dumped.

He further said, “Rehman Malik, Pakistani judiciary and media are now doing baseless propaganda in favor of the Pakistani armed forces in order to wipe the blood stained hands of Pakistani Army, FC and ISI and measures being taken to make the conditions favorable for a large-scale military operation in Balochistan. In 2010 Rehman Malik had himself publicly ordered to use brute force against Baloch Student Organisation –Azad and few specific pro-independence political parties. Hundreds of Baloch youth have been extra judicially killed and dumped since then. Now once again Rehman Malik and FC are all set for a massive military adventure in Balochistan. Along with federal and provincial government, Supreme Court is also not only supporting killing of Baloch people but as well as giving protection to Pakistani Army, FC; ISI & MI. Pakistani Media is also contributing in this sorry state of affairs by concealing the brutalities inflicted on Baloch people.”

Commenting on the recent statement by Rehman Malik, in which he has boasted that he will solve the problem of Balochistan by providing jobs to Baloch youth. Mr. Marri said that, “I would like to tell the whole world that the Baloch struggle is for independence and not for petty jobs and positions. Not only the Baloch youth but also elderly and people from every sections of Baloch society are involved in this national struggle. We know that they are trying to promote those who have Pakistani mentality and term them as Baloch youth. We want to alert the Baloch people that Pakistan is now trying to divide Baloch nation into different classes like elders, youth, pheasants and educated class etc. Baloch are struggling collectively as a nation and everyone has equal stake in this movement.”

He further said that from Prime minister to Army generals everyone is vehemently talking to use military force in Balochistan. They want to plunder the Baloch resources and they are yearning for extinction of the Baloch nation. “Pakistan wants to finish the liberal and pro independence Baloch with the use of military force to promote their extremist Islamists because they want to use them as a tool to blackmail the civilized countries of world for their interests”, said Mr Marri.

The Baloch leader said that the Baloch nation was struggling for its independence for past six decades with very limited resources whereas Pakistan is continuously putting allegations on Baloch nation of receiving foreign funds and support. If there were any foreign support, he said, Balochistan would have been an independent state long ago. Addressing the International Community Mr Marri said, “We still expect and want Afghanistan, America and the civilized world to support the just cause of Baloch nation. We have had strong historical ties with Afghanistan long before Pakistan even came into existence. Afghan and Baloch nation have lived in peace for centuries and had mutual respect. But Pakistan does not bear this relation because she considers Afghanistan and Balochistan her colonies.”

Mr. Hyrbyair Marri said that it was not only difficult but impossible for Baloch nation to live with Pakistan. The Baloch own a distinct language, culture, geography and thousands of year old history. Our dignity, identity and self-esteem are unsafe in Pakistan and neither does Pakistan consider us as human beings, said Mr Marri adding that Pakistan has imposed foreign language and culture on the Baloch nation. Urdu is considered Pakistan’s National language but the fact of the matter is that all nations living in Pakistan, Punjabis, Sindhis and Pashtuns have their own distinct languages. Urdu is in fact a military language from 18th century; the Turks and Mughals invented it to communicate with people of India.

Strongly criticizing the Pakistani media including BBC Urdu, Hyrybair Marri said that whether it is Rehman Malik, Pakistani media or the BBC Urdu service they all have braced themselves against Baloch national movement for freedom. He further said that BBC Urdu’s impartiality can be gauged by the fact that without any confirmation they accuse Baloch pro-freedom leaders, which illustrates the biasness of Pakistani media and BBC Urdu. “I still stand by my words when previously I said BBC Urdu service is more like radio Pakistan and radio Kashmir”, said Mr Marri.

He further said that turning a blind eye on daily state atrocities against Baloch people shows BBC Urdu’s biasness because Baloch representation in it is almost zero. Most of the BBC Urdu service staffs belong to India and Pakistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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