Pakistan Supreme Court orders in Balochistan have dispersed in the air: Mehlab Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The Daughter of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch said she had hoped that after registering the cases of abducted Baloch her father would be released on the date given by Chief Justice and that she would be lucky enough to at least celebrate one Eid (Muslims Festival) with joy.

However, on 30 July 2012 Dr Deen Mohammad Bangulzia, abducted few days ago, has been released but her father, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch who was abducted in June 2009 is still being detained at some undisclosed location. She further said, “I have tirelessly been waiting for my father but now our wish to celebrate a happy Eid is still in complete.”

She said after getting disappointed from all other institutions the assurance of supreme court had encouraged us but now the orders of court has also dispersed in the wind and the intelligence agencies do not consider decisions made by Supreme Court as noteworthy. Even though Chief Justice’s action against the Chief Minister had increased the credibility of the Court but now turning a blind eye to the cases of abducted Baloch is a question mark on decisions of Supreme Court.

Addressing the International powers she said, “Our final hope is now the role of the International institutions. If International Organisations also do not pay attention, then human lives are at grave danger which can turn into an unmanageable human tragedy.” American and many other countries have their own complexities and issues but keeping in view the importance of this region ‘South East Asia’ it is their responsibility to pay attention [to this region] where several Baloch activists’ including my father’s lives in grave danger, she added.

Courtesy: Baloch Johd

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