BLF condemns threats to BBC journalist


Baloch Liberation Front respects freedom of speech, Journalists are free to report whatever they want: Spokesman

Occupied Balochistan: Bahram Baloch, BLF spokesman, has denied threatening BBC Urdu Service Quetta correspondent Ayub Tareen and said his group, in clear words, condemns these threats.

Talking to BBC Urdu Service, Bahram Baloch said throughout the past 10 years of struggle career, BLF has never threatened nor harmed any journalists. The group respects freedom of speech and condemns any kinds of threats to journalists on the line of duty, he said.

Previously, News Network International (NNI) had reported BLF pointing out BBC reporter Ayub Tareen’s “insufficient” coverage of Balochistan news and (had) threatened him of “strict actions”.

Bahram Baloch rubbished any such reports.

It is clear now such propaganda against BLF are promoted to malign the org.

BLF is an armed organization struggling, within the parameters of international law, for the independence of Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Johd

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