Some of the souls in traumata, Others yet awaiting recognition

We enlisted here,

Some of the souls in traumata,

Others yet awaiting recognition,

Who serve as a reminder to the international community that genocide is not yet a word only in history books.

a report by : Voice for Baloch Missing Persons 


Balochistan, a sovereign state, was occupied by Pakistan on 27th of March 1948; since that day, in order to silence the voices for liberation and to instill fear among the general populace, Pakistan has employed a strategy of enforcedly disappearing people belonging to different age groups and occupations, of which only a small number has been documented in the list attached. The first people who were enforcedly disappeared were the friends and peers of Prince Abdul Karim, who were abducted in 1948, of which few were released and others are still missing, most probably murdered under custody.

In the rebellion which arose in the years of 1973-1977, which was countered by Pakistan with the help of Iran, several common Balochs were enforcedly disappeared. This was the first instance when Pakistan Army made public its vicious approach towards silencing the Baloch voices by abducting common Balochs; they sold the women as sex slaves in Lahore and among the commodities being sold in Lahore also included children of Balochistan, who could barely even realize that their smiles were being sold cause of the voices their people were raising against injustice. Many of them women were later on “bought back” by their families from Lahore.

Though the list includes abductees from as early as the year 2000, however only very known earlier cases have been included. Mainly the documentation was started in the year 2005, when the cases of the disappearances began to rapidly increase. The chart below, highlight yearly flow of the disappearances. Moreover this should be taken under consideration that the cases of torture murders have been gradually increasing with the passage of time.

To read/download 118 page report click: Hear 

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