End the protest or face physical elimination: Pakistan security agencies threaten Qadeer Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The Vice Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has said that Pakistan’s security agencies and their informer have threatened to physically eliminate him if he doesn’t end the protest camp in front of Quetta Press Club.

The Daily Tawar, an Urdu language Newspaper in Balochistan, quoted Qadeer Baloch as saying, “Yesterday, a dark window car of agencies and another white car of an informer, approached me and said if you do not end your protest, you will suffer the same fate as Nazeer Marri and Saba Dashtyari Baloch.” Qadeer Baloch further said they also verbally abused him and pro-freedom Baloch leaders, adding that, he has recognized the informer who is still armature but he exposed himself.

Qadeer Baloch said he was adamant to continue his struggle and have never been intimidated by such threats neither will he be frightened in future.

Meanwhile the protest of families of abducted Baloch has entered its 853rd day and Qadeer Baloch has been an inspiration for the family members of abducted and extra-judicially Baloch activists. A delegation of BSO-Azad Shaal (Quetta) zone visited the protest camp to show their solidarity with loved ones of abducted persons.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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