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Why legitimize slavery! Say No to election under Occupation

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Successful freedom movement and its core prerequisite – By Jamal Nasir Baloch

For every illegally occupied nation there comes a time that they need a clear democratic plan in order to regain their independence. Occupied nations always aspired toward freedom which will restore their natural rights. Those nations who happened to have political leaders with clear vision about the future prospect of the nation have succeeded to change the fate of their nation into modern democratic state. Occupied nations who failed to act as a nation have never been accepted as owner of their own homeland by the international community.

The Baloch who have been struggling since mid19th century for their freedom now reached at a point where they have two options which will decided their future as an independent nation in the region. First is the one which was chosen by Balochistan’s former ruler, Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmadyar Khan, who was able to sustain Baloch freedom for only 227 days. The tragedy of Kalat State was that almost the entire government of Balochistan consisted of outsiders. He even imported a prime minister from India. The second option is the one that we do not have to repeat the mistake again. Before we regain our independence we must produce clear roadmap of what sort of state and institutions we are going to have during the transitional process and thereafter. Without a clear plan and objective we may experience the same problem that our political leaders had experienced in the past.

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