UN should pass a resolution to declare Balochistan a no fly zone: Hyrbyair Marri

London: Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister asks Baloch to respect its flag whereas he forgets the fact that Pakistan has desecrated the flag of Balochistan 1948 when it occupied Balochistan and hoisted Pakistan’s flag there. The Pakistani army and bureaucrats should not expect Baloch people to give salutation and respect to Pakistan’s flag. Neither will the Baloch tolerate the flag of any occupiers on their land.

Baloch leader  expressed these view in a statement released in DailyTawar, an Urdu daily newspaper in Balochistan. He said the new Prime Minister of Pakistan instead of trying to deceive the Baloch freedom seekers, should worry about his job. Pakistan’s Bureaucrats, security agencies and the rulers have always used media as a tool and tried to mislead the world through their poisonous propaganda. Few days back a Pakistan Army general lieutenant, Omar Farooq, gathered some of his hired people in a conference in Pakistan National Defence University and claimed that 95% Baloch are patriotic Pakistanis and that they don’t want freedom. We want to ask him from where he got these statistics.

The ministers sitting at Pakistani parliament are not at all the representatives of Baloch nation. In fact Baloch national representatives are those who are suffering in Pakistan’s torture cells, those who have sacrificed their lives or those who have joined the struggle on practical grounds. People sitting in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi who are unaware of ground realities in Balochistan.

The fact of the matter is that 99% Baloch are against occupation of their land by Pakistan. Less than one percent has sold themselves to Pakistan. The occupying state despite using its all resources and manpower could not even deter the Baloch from their just struggle for Independent Balochistan. Pakistan has bought the loyalty of its so called Baloch ministers in return of incentives and perks that is why on TV talk shows and news statements they call themselves Pakistanis. They are giving priority to vote and seats over their national identity but they are forgetting the fact that their master [Pakistan] is admitted in ICU and breathing her last breaths. Whenever the world stops giving it oxygen [funds], Pakistan will not even survive a day.

The Baloch Nation has informed the International Community that currently all Baloch are uniting for their freedom. Despite abducting thousands and killing hundreds of Baloch, Pakistan has failed to stop Baloch patriotism and love for their motherland (Balochistan). Pakistan has been carrying out unannounced operations against Baloch nation from past one decade. Pakistan’s Air and ground forces have jointly been involved in inhuman and criminal actions against Baloch people.

On the other hand they are distributing billions of rupees to their death squads and agents to abduct and target kill political conscious and well-educated Baloch youth. What is encouraging is that Baloch nation is countering the conspiracies of enemy on an ideological basis.

We want the international community to work practically against Baloch genocide and human rights violations in Balochistan instead of only showing their concern. We hope that as the International Community is trying to pass a new resolution at UN against human rights violations in Syria, a similar resolution should be passed at UN in support of freedom of Balochistan, against the human rights violation in Balochistan by Pakistan and Declare Balochistan a no fly zone. It is the need of time that the world should without any hesitation support the Baloch freedom movement and recognise Balochistan National sovereignty and strategic importance, because to get rid of terrorism in the region independent Balochistan would be the way to guarantee that. If the international community lost this chance then they will have to face Pakistan’s religious extremism in Afghanistan and other civilised countries in the future. Pakistan once again, like 90, is trying to strengthen its network of terrorism in Afghanistan and its spread around the world.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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