There is no gain for the Baloch to take part in Pakistan’s elections: Nawab Marri

Karachi: Veteran Baloch independence leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri said that Pakistan’s existence on world map is possible due to American support. If America stops funding Pakistan, it will disappear from world map within one week. Now it depends on America whether it wants to keep Pakistan alive for one year or one hundred years.

The Baloch people instead of being spokespersons of their tribal entities should become a Nation – ‘Baloch Nation’. Getting rid of Pakistan’s slavery has become the destiny of Baloch nation as the world map is changing rapidly. We cannot tell exactly when the Baloch will get rid of Pakistan’s slavery but we can surely say that Balochistan will be get independence in this century.

Baloch independence leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri expressed these view in an interview to a Gawadar based local journalist at his residence in Karachi. He said Balochistan was rich with natural resources and these were Baloch National property, but because of Pakistan’s occupation Baloch are forced to live in stone-age. He said a prosperous future of Baloch Nation is impossible unless they get their freedom from Pakistan.

The Baloch national leader said Pakistan is an unnatural state and it has no future, adding that “it is still surviving on world map with America’s support and whenever America stops giving charity to this country it will no longer remain on world map. Pakistan is neither a democratic country nor does democracy exist in this country.”

Since the division of India the real rulers of this unnatural state have been army generals and they are ruling it even today. Answering a question Nawab Marri said that Pakistan’s political parties whether religious or non-religious all are creation of the military. They make and break these parties; these generals are also slaves of America.

Answering another question Nawab Marri said it was nothing but waste of time for Baloch to participate in the elections of this state. “Only few opportunist politicians do the politics of elections to earn money and incentives. They cannot give anything to the Baloch people.”

courtesy: Baloch Warna

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