Supreme Court seems helpless as abductions continue in Balochistan

Several Baloch youth have been abducted from different areas of Balochistan in past few days, as the Supreme Court has commented that the security agencies were not implementing the orders of the Court.

According to details reports Pakistani security forces attacked a Masque (Masjid) in Sui, Balochistan when people were engaged in reading their prayers (Taraweeh). The Imam (scholar) of the Masjid, Mulavi Mohammad Bakhsh Bugti, has reportedly been hospitalised after he was badly beaten by the Pakistani security personnel. The son of the Imam, Mohammad Siddiq Bugti, was taken away and is still being held at some undisclosed location. Abdul Nabi Bugti, another son of the Imam is already in the custody of Pakistani forces.

Two other people were abducted from Quetta and Gawadar town of Balochistan. The victims have been named as Mohammad Hafeez from satellite area Quetta and Kamran from Gawadar, who has been abducted when he was on his way to a nearby Market for shopping.

Separately, a youth named Kafayatullah has been abducted at gunpoint from Chakki Shahwani road area of Saryab, Quetta on Tuesday.

The Pakistan Coast guards has abducted a resident of Kuzdar, Haji Gulam Hyder along with his two sons Ghulam Nabi and Rasool Bux from their Tuesday evening.

On 24/07/2012 personnel of intelligence agencies of Pakistan abducted Mohammad Mujahid son of Hasil Khan from Gawadar whereas Tawkali Marri son of Lalo Marri was abducted on July 19 from Gahi Khan Chowk, Quetta Balochistan. The family members of Tawakali said that he was on his way to Quetta city when security forces abducted him.

They said Roshan Marri son of Lalo the brother of Tawkali was abducted from Marwaad area of Balochistan around three months ago. The family of Marri brothers further said that they were the only bread earner of their household. “We are facing enormous difficulties after the abduction of Roshan Marri and Tawkali Marri.”

Meanwhile strongly condemning the arrest of Mohammad Siddiq Bugti the spokesperson of BRP’s Organising Committee spokesperson, Sher Mohamad Bugti, said that government’s claims of releasing Baloch missing persons was a drama and a lie. He further said Baloch have no expectation from Pakistan that is why “we appeal to United Nations, EU and other Human Rights Organisations to take notice of state atrocities in Balochistan.”

Qadeer Baloch, the vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, also expressed his dissatisfaction over Supreme Courts competency. Talking to Balochwarna News Qadeer Baloch said, “I have no hopes and expectations of justice from any departments of Pakistan including the Supreme Court. Today the FC’s legal representative has clearly denied the presence of any abducted Baloch in the custody of Pakistani security forces.”

He further said the FC and Intelligence agencies maintain that abducted Baloch have gone to Gulf countries and Afghanistan or they are in Parari (rebel) camps. “This is like rubbing salt on wounds of the families of abducted Baloch. They used say the same about my son Jalil Reki. Then they send me his bullet-ridden body”, said Abdul Qadeer Reki father of Jalil Reki Baloch.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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