Baloch nation should boycott Pakistan’s elections: BNM

Occupied Balochistan: A spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) has said that during last half century several countries got their independence but later their sovereignty was curtailed under imperialist system. Similarly on 11 August 1947 Balochistan has become free from the occupation of British. However, after few months, on 27 March 1948, under an international conspiracy Pakistan was provided with the opportunity to occupy the Baloch state.

The BNM has advised its all zones to make arrangements of study circles and other educational programs on 11 August to create public awareness regarding the lost independence of Balochistan and educate the new workers about Baloch history and geography.

The BNM statement further read that the occupying forces have failed to persuade the true representative take part in their elections. Hence, they are trying to bring their loyalists to fulfil the formalities of the elections. These people [government loyalists] have spent their life under state’s protocol and they are not aware of ground realities in Balochistan. State also gives priority to those who are ignorant of the real situation. The state protocol cuts the ties between people and their representatives and common public do not like them – they even do not have the support of their own family members.

The Baloch nation did not elected the people who won 2008 elections and reached to the assemblies – the ‘angels of the occupying state’ had casted votes for them. The politically conscious people of Balochistan should avoid becoming a part of election campaign because it is based on wrong policy and ideology. The BMN said that Baloch people should discourage the election campaign of the occupying state because the occupying state through its bogus elections wants to bring feudalist and capitalists and the murderers of nation to power once again.

The BNM said as long as Asif Ali Zardari continues the exploitative policies and fleece common people, the security forces will support him and he will remain in the slot of presidency. However as soon as he starts caring about common people he will be labelled as a thief and expelled from office.

The statement further read that during cold war to stop the flood of political movements, the imperial powers have made Pakistan to create ideological misconception and confusion that is why those who believe in ideology of Pakistan are naturally corrupt minded people; they do not look beyond their personal interests and gains.

They BNM said Pakistan’s flag is nowhere to be found in Balochistan except on the vehicles and check-posts of FC (Frontier Corps) and other security forces who are promoting culture of mafia, corruption, loot and plunder and exploitation.

Courtesy: Baloch waran

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