Oath taking ceremony and convention held on third day of Counsel Session

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Awaran: Ceremony and convention held on the third day of Counsel Session, Election commissioner took oaths from newly elected Cabinet and Central Committee.

According to details, counsel session of BSO-A, which commenced on 7th July, continued till late night on the third day due to oath taking ceremony and convention.

Counsel Session of BSO-A that was held from 7th to 9th July in Awaran ended on 8th July after election of cabinet and central committee. On the last day of session oath taking ceremony and convention were held. The chairman of Election Committee took oath from new office-bearers.

Speaking at the occasion, the chairman of Election Commission, congratulated the newly elected cabinet, central committee members and the Baloch nation on successfully convening the 19th Counsel Session of BS0-A.

“Baloch nation has engrained enormous hopes in BSO-A and I have faith in the newly elected comrades that they will fulfill these hopes. I have hopes that members will bravely deal with the harsh hurdles of path of freedom and they will never shudder in sacrificing anything for the liberation of motherland,” said the chairman of election commission.

The newly elected chairman in his speech said that BSO-A, along with other organizations, is acting as a forefront of the struggle, sacrificing hundreds of its members. The organization’s sincerity with the cause for national liberation is unquestionable. I have strong faith that my companions will fight every hardship with commitment and bravery and they will continue their walk to freedom.

“Today there is immense awareness about Baloch struggle on international basis and its credit goes to members of BSO-A and other organizations, struggling for national liberation of Baloch nation, who sacrificed their dear lives for a greater good. These brave sons of motherland clarified it to the collaborators of the state, who are sitting in enemy’s parliament, that today the Baloch nation is fully aware of its rights and the medieval acts of traitors. The day is not far when the enemies of Baloch nation will be probed,” said the chairman of BSO-A.

The Vice Chairman, Junior Vice Chairman, Secretary general and other members of Cabinet and Central Cabinet also addressed the convention. They said, “If we turn the pages of history we will find that like Baloch nation various other nations have also fought and sacrificed on large scales for their national liberation. The nations who sacrificed in past are living a civilized and proud life today.”

“We will not mourn but rejoice our brothers, comrades and brave sons, who sacrificed their lives for the emancipation of Baloch nation. We truly know that liberation cannot be obtained without sufferings and pain. The tree of freedom struggle can only nurture with the blood of Baloch nation,” said the speakers.

The speakers warned the occupying state and its collaborators that the torch of freedom that is fueled with the blood of Baloch sons can never be slayed with brutalities. This is an ideological war and the Baloch sons are consciously aware of their rights, the enemy will achieve nothing but a disgraceful defeat.

Courtesy: Sagaar.org 

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