The road to freedom is tough and painful but for a greater good we have boldly agreed to travel this path – Chairman BSO-A.

The 19th Counsel session of BSO-A ends, Cabinet and Central Committee elected, members vow to continue struggle for national liberation.

The Counsel Session continued for the second day. Among various other things the agenda for the second day included constitution making, regional and international politics, election of new cabinet and concluding speech by the Chairman. All the counselors participated in the discussion and an election commission was formed.

Seven members submitted their names for the nominations and all were elected unopposed. The Central Committee was also elected unopposed.

Speaking in his concluding Speech, the BSO-A chairman, said, “The Baloch youth are fortunate that they have a platform in the form of BSO-A, which has, for 46 years, educated hundreds and thousands of Baloch youth on ideological and educational basis. A large number of Baloch youth is struggling for the national liberation after getting educational and ideological training from BSO-A.”

Thousands of BSO members have either been disappeared or killed. Shaheed Hameed, Shaheed Fida, Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad, Shaheed Dr. Khalid, Shaheed Hameed Shaheen, Shaheed Agha Abid Shah, Shaheed Sangat Sana, Shaheed Shafi, Shaheed comorade Qayyum, Shaheed Qamber Chakar were educated from the platform of BSO-A. All of them sacrificed their lives for the national liberation of Baloch nation. Brave BSO-A leaders like Zakir Majeed are facing the brutalities in torture cells and the great visionary leaders like Abdul Nabi Bangulzai and Doctor Allah Nazar are practically contributing in the national struggle.”

The state and its agents consider each member of BSO-A a hurdle in their way and try everything to eliminate them. We want to tell everyone that after facing such grave brutalities the BSO-A is in the condition to resist any kind of opposition by the state. Today it is not possible for anyone to abolish this organization. The road to freedom is tough and painful but for a greater good we have boldly agreed to travel this path, which is evident from our valiant stance even after the brutal murder of more than 100 members of our organization. These brutalities can never deter us but will act as fuel for our determination.”

The chairman further said, “Today I am proud that I too received my ideological education through this organization. I congratulate the Baloch nation and members of BSO-Azad on successfully conducting the counsel session. I hope that every one of us will continue the struggle and bring more intensity in it. The blood of martyrs has brought fruit in the form of international awareness about Baloch cause.

“Today BSO-A is an international organization with branches in different countries of the world. It is a step forward in Baloch struggle and a hope for the Baloch nation,” said the chairman of BSO-A.

The oath taking ceremony will be held on the third day of the Counsel Session.


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