Baloch Elders body calls for end to genocide of their leaders, nationalists in Pak, Iran

Kabul (ANI): The Council of Baloch Elders of Afghanistan in Kabul, has in a declaration, called for urgent measures to stop the genocide of Baloch political leaders and nationalists in Pakistan and Iran.

In a seminar organized in the Afghan capital, the council accused authorities in both Pakistan and Iran of perpetrating genocide and massive human rights violations against the Baloch people.

Participants at the seminar, which was held at the Mumtaz Mahal Hotel in Kabul on Thursday claimed that over 14000 Baloch people are missing and hundreds of their bullet-riddled bodies have been recovered from parts of Balochistan.

They called for a strict action by the United Nations and urged other civilized nations to take action against Pakistan and Iran for what they termed war crimes against Baloch.

The speakers also called for UN protection for the Baloch Diaspora.

Satar Purdili, an Afghanistan-based Baloch council member, said: “The time has been reached that the world freedom and humanitarian forces include ISI in black list”

“This commission has been founded to know about the missing politicians of Balochistan, and this commission had started activities about the facts, but was confronted with a negative reaction by the military and intelligence of Pakistan,” he added.

“On April 3, 2009, the chief and members of this council, including Baloch Movement chief, Mir Ghulam Mohmmad Balooch, movement member, Mir Lala Munir Baloch and Republican Party of Baloch member, Shir Mohmmad Baloch, were kidnapped and their bodies were thrown down from choppers,” Purdili claimed.

Naela Baloch, a Pakistan-based Baloch council member, said: “What is the basic demand of the Baloch people there (in Pakistan). They need freedom because they lived us a sovereign, independent Baloch country before. British and the country of Balochistan was divided into three parts.” (ANI)

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