Baloch tweeples bombarded MEPs with tweets as part of their mass awareness campaign

London: Online and Social Media activism is growing and becoming effective with each passing day. The Baloch Social Media Association (BSMA) on Sunday launched an awareness campaign on twitter. The purpose of the mass twitting was to present evidence of human rights violations in Balochistan to the wider world community. Most of the tweets were directed at members of European parliament and US senators. The BSMA has urged the international community to play their role in stopping the on-going slow but calculated genocide of Baloch Nation by Pakistan.

They posted videos of Pakistan Air Force bombardment, burning villages and pictures of the victims of states kill and dump policy in Balochistan. Many of the tweets questioned EU and US silence over atrocities against Baloch people by Pakistan and Iran.

In the next phase of their mass awareness campaign they aim to tweet the international press in an effort to draw their attention towards the plight of Baloch Nation.

Before they end of its campaign the BSMA has submitted an open letter to Member of European parliament which read as follows:

An Open letter to members of the European Parliament

Dear Honourable Members of the European Parliament 

We, the Baloch Social Media Activists Association, would like to apprise you that Pakistan’s human rights abuses in Balochistan have surpassed even the atrocities committed by military junta’s in past in Latin America. Pakistan’s crimes range from target killings to aerial bombardments, its scorched earth policy is turning Balochistan into a valley of death and destruction. Abduction of Baloch political activists by secret agencies of Pakistan army is a daily routine in Balochistan.

Custodial killing of Baloch activists is the most brutal method that Pakistan army rampantly pursuing to deter Baloch political struggle for restoring their lost sovereignty over their homeland, Balochistan.

More than 14500 political activists have been forcibly disappeared by Pakistan secret agencies, and so far, out of them, we have received more than 500 mutilated dead bodies dumped on desolate areas of Balochistan. They all belonged to the cream of our secular society and included students, journalists, teachers and intellectuals.

Our gravest apprehension is that already a vast number of the disappeared has been liquidated under the Pakistani state’s systematic ‘dirty war’ that it is waging against the Baloch to intimidate them.

The lives of our political leaders, activists, lawyers, teachers, doctors and human rights campaigners are in extreme danger in Balochistan.

Dear Honourable members: Pakistan is a signatory of United Nations Convention against Torture, but it is brazenly flouting that well established convention with impunity in Balochistan.

Now the question is that who will ensure that this humanitarian convention is respected and that human rights and dignity are respected in Balochistan, it can be none other than world powers?

As an oppressed nation, Baloch would like to appeal to the European Union to bring Pakistan to book in United Nations Security Council for the crimes it has committed against humanity in Balochistan and will continue to commit unless it is stopped.

Best Regards,

Baloch Social Media Association (BSMA)

Follow these hashtags to read more about BSMA twitter campaigns: #SupportBaloch, #BalochGenocide, #IndependentBalochistan, #FreeAbductedBaloch

Courtesy : Baloch Warna

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