Baloch protest against Pakistani atrocities in Europe

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Oslo,London, Gothenburg:  Baloch community commemorated the International Torture Day with protest rallies in European capitals including British,Norway, and Sweden.  The focus of the these protests were to register and highlight the atrocities that Pakistan has committed in occupied Balochistan and particularly in Karachi where Baloch population is a particular target of  Pak agencies and MQM. Baloch Students Organization Azad and the International Voice for Missing Persons mounted a protest camp in front of Norwegian Parliament in Oslo. While addressing the protesters the Norwegian Zonal president of BSO azad, Sangat Waheed Baloch said that every day Baloch people are being abducted in Balochistan, and after subjecting them with inhuman tortures, their bodies are dumped in desolate places. Today whatever is happening in Balochistan is not hidden in the eye of the international community. Waheed demanded that world powers headed by United Nations should take tough action against Pakistani and Iranian states terrorism in Balochistan. He said they’re hopeful that the Norwegian government, as a member of European Union would play its important role on humanitarian ground.

Meanwhile, several people visited the protest camp and watched the photos of Baloch Martyrs displayed on the stalls. International Voice For Baloch Persons activists distributed hundreds of leaf letters, and Booklets of Baloch National Movement to the visitors on the camp.

At the end of the program an envoy of Baloch activists headed by Baloch Students Organization proceeded to Norwegian Parliament house where the Balch envoy apprise the heads of all Political parties about  human rights situation related to Balochistan political crisis.

In Sweden too Baloch Students Organization and International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Jointly held a protest rally Gothenburg against Pakistani and Iranian atrocities against Baloch nation. Members of other oppressed nations including Kurdish and Azerbaijani also participated and showed their solidarity with Baloch nation. BSO azad leader Sangat Aher Dad addressed the protesting gathering and said that Baloch are being persecuted both byIranandPakistanon similar scale. Pakistani state sponsored terrorism has even reached to the Baloch living inKarachi; where innocent Baloch are being packed up one by one and their gunny packed dead bodies thrown on roadsides. They’re framed in false cases and forced confessions are extracted. On this occasion of International Torture Day, we appeal international community to help Baloch get rid of Pak state sponsored terrorism in Balochistan. Pamphlets were distributed to the visitors on the protesting camp in Sweden city of Gothenburg.

In Northern London in England, Baloch community also mounted a protest camp, Photos of Martyrs and Missing Persons were displayed on stalls in a huge numbers. Speaking on the occasion, Zahid Baloch said that world community commemorates the torture day only once in a year, but Pakistan and Iran are everyday reminding us of this day by killing our brothers in Balochistan andKarachi. Zahid said that the intensification of Baloch genocide started in 2005. He appealed international community to take serious notice of torture and custodial killing of Baloch people in Balochistan and Karachi so thatPakistanis pressed to realize its international responsibilities.

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