Baloch leader says teacher killed due to Marri links

LONDON: A Baloch leader alleged on Tuesday that intelligence operatives of Pakistan had shot dead a senior school teacher in Quetta due to his close ties with Balochistan’s main Marri tribe.

Mehran Baloch, a Briton who is Balochistan’s unofficial representative at the UN Human Rights Council, told The News over phone that Nazir Ahmed Marri was killed by the state operatives due to his association with Mehran’s father and influential Marri leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri. “Nazir Ahmed Marri was like a family member. He had helped in our education and upbringing. He was very close to my father,” Mehran Baloch, Nawab Marri’s youngest son said. Nazir Marri was a senior teacher at Killi ShaiKhan High School. He was gunned down by unknown men who were riding a motorcycle on Arbab Karam Khan Road in Quetta, according to Mehran. On Pakistan’s most wanted list, Mehran divided his time campaigning between Dubai, London and Switzerland.

Mehran said that Nazir Marri was forcibly disappeared at least three times before by suspected intelligence agents but then released. He appealed to the international human rights organisation to take notice of the latest killing

Courtesy: The News

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