Independent Balochistan would be consisted of Baloch populated areas: Brahamdagh Bugti

Geneva: Baloch independence leader Brahamdagh Bugti has said that any foreign intervention in Balochistan is unacceptable and is also against the interference of the United Sates and Pakistan.In an interview with BBC Urdu, Mr Bugti said that time has expired for arranging talks and conferences on Balochistan issue, a reference to recently held Balochistan Conference in Islamabad.

The Baloch leader, who has applied for a political asylum in Switzerland has said that “if anybody wants to talk, recognizing Balochistan, doors are opened for negotiations”

Replying a query, Bugti said that several Baloch leaders were agreed on independent Balochistan but there was no consensus among them. However, he said it was not necessary that there should be unity among the Baloch on the issue and the aim could also be achieved without it.

He said main reason behind the division between Baloch leaders were the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Bugti said that independent Balochistan would be consisted of Baloch populated areas while Pashtoon majority areas would not be part of it.

He conceded “right now, there is no solid support for our aim but lobbying goes on in US, UK and Russia”.Bugti claimed that resolution of US lawmaker Dana Rohrabacher was not aimed at putting pressure on Islamabad instead it was the result of efforts of Baloch people, living abroad.

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