Baloch nation will foil the evil designs of Pakistan and other foreign powers in Balochistan: BRP

Occupied Balochistan: The pro-freedom Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has warned in a statement that the people of Balochistan will foil the wicked design of Pakistan and other imperialist forces in Balochistan.

A statement released by BRP’s central spokesperson said that Gawadar port is the property of Baloch Nation but the occupying state of Pakistan is trying to make it operational to save its crumbling economy. According to the international laws, if a port in not accessible to the government or that government is unable to make it operational such a place is not considered as a port. Gawadar port is a similar example where Pakistan does not have ability and eligibility to run it.

The occupying state has handed over the Gawadar port to the foreigners without the will of Baloch people. To enable the port, laying road network is very important but because of Baloch national resistance Pakistan has failed in this plan despite using her full military strength. Baloch have has decided from the beginning that Baloch sea resources are Baloch national property and any effort to plunder them will be resisted.

Forced exploitation of Baloch national resources by any country including China and Singapore will not be accepted and the Baloch can and will resist such attempts. The BRP statement further said that Pakistan has learnt no lessons from constant attack on gas pipelines in Sui and Dera Bugti areas of Balochistan which resulted heavy energy crisis for Pakistan. Before making tall claims to make Gawadar port operational, they must keep in mind that if they don’t abandon these evil efforts, they will face heavy resistance.

Gawadar port is the national wealth of Baloch people but Pakistan occupied it illegally, hence no transportation will be allowed from there without the will of the Baloch. Gawader port has proper competency with the port of the Spain when Spanish people resisted and foiled American efforts to enable the port therefore International Court of Justice had to interfere and warn America that it has lost access to the port hence Spain can no longer remain a colony of America.

The statement of read “In the same way, we appeal to the international court of justice to take notice of barbaric efforts of Pakistan for the control over Gawader port and play their role against it. If appropriate steps are not taken to stop Pakistan from its exploitative efforts then it will ruin the dream of the world for peace and stability in the region. Pakistan is the biggest nursery of the terrorism and it has been betraying the west in war against terrorism and has been using the US aid on the genocide of Baloch people instead of eradication of terrorism.”

Therefore, the BRP statement said, international institutions for justice must play their roles to end illegal occupation of Pakistan on Balochistan. The state has lost it control over Balochistan as neither the flag of Pakistan is not hoisted in schools and other places in most regions of Balochistan nor the anthem of Pakistan is recited. Pakistan force people to observe August 14 and March 23 on the gun-point. These actions show the hatred of Baloch people toward Pakistan.

The BRP statement read that when Nawab Bugti was in power, he declared Balochi and Brahvi as the course of study but after his government the state banned this announcement. However the Baloch people continued to studying Balochi and Brahvi on their own which proves that the Baloch people had never accepted the existence of this artificial state. Pakistan used and is using force and genocidal policies to force the Baloch to accept the illegal occupation of their land. The Baloch have always fought bravely against the occupation of their motherland.

“We warn all foreign investors including Pakistan and Iran that no project regarding Baloch resources and Balochistan including the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline will succeed without the will of Baloch people and all those projects that have been initiated or planned by the occupying state without the consent of indigenous Baloch people, Baloch are not bound to respect such agreements”, said the Baloch republican Party.

Courtesy:, BalochJohd and Baloch Warna

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