Delay in chemical test of Qureshi’s viscera lamented

SUKKUR: Thousands of activists of the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) staged a demonstration on Sunday at the Beberloi Bypass, Khairpur, against the alleged killing of the party’s Chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi.

Acting Chairman JSQM, Dr Niaz Kalani, Sanan Khan Qureshi, son of Bashir Khan Qureshi, Ghulam Mustafa Phulpoto and others addressed the rally. They held the Sindh government responsible for the JSQM chairman’s death. They reiterated the demand to the international community and the UN for help in chemical examination of Bashir Khan’s viscera from an international laboratory of repute.

They announced they did not accep the 1940 Resolution, demanded the formation of Sindhu Desh and declared they did not wantPakistan. They said the thousands participating in the rally wanted to revenge Bashir Qureshi’s murder. The huge public rally pledged to rid the people of Sindh from the clutches of thePunjaband get independence for Sindh.

They said Bashir Qureshi, like GM Syed, lives in the hearts of the people of Sindh who are committed to their cause and mission.

They flayed CM Sindh for saying that Qureshi’s heirs do not want chemical examination of the viscera. By saying so, the CM and his team are deceiving the people of Sindh, they stressed.

They pointed out that every single follower of Qureshi knows very well the evil deeds of the Sindh CM, who was protecting Qureshi’s killers. They said the Sindh government had neither sent the viscera to foreign laboratories nor had taken Qureshi’s heirs on board in this regard.

They also lamented that the government could not trace the killers even 37 days after Qureshi’s assassination.

They said Qureshi’s followers are determined not to rest until the killers and the hidden hands behind the incident were not found.

Speaking about the May 12 rally of the PPP on Sindh-Punjab border, they said it was continuation of the JSQM’s mission, which wanted to close the doors of Sindh for thePunjaband the PPP has finally done it.

They asserted that the PPP should make a launch long march on the Punjab against theChashmaJhelamLinkCanalif it was really sincere with the people of Sindh. They criticised the PPP for staging the drama of opposing Kalabagh Dam.

They urged the international community and the UN for support to the JSQM in its struggle for independent Sindhu Desh, because Shaheed Qureshi, in his speech at a big public gathering inKarachihad announced that the 1940 Resolution was not acceptable.

Courtesy :  The News

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