Military offensives continue in Balochistan

BRP says Pashenee, Takrav, Kaleri, Seyahtank, Suri and Karbur affected during latest offensive

Occupied Balochistan: Military operations continue full-fledged and offensives in many parts of Balochistan have become a routine, read a Baloch Republican Party (BRP) press release on Wednesday.

In a most common fashion, a large number of Pakistani troops, with their armoured vehicles, lay siege to the area from where they want to drive out the Baloch, bomb the area for hours, torch houses and harass and torture women, children and aged people, loot valuables and livestock and sometimes burn the livestock and people alive, the press release also read.

It also read that a Dera Bugti video showed security forces poisoning lakes, wells and other sources of water. The BRP press release read further that security forces were also seen laying landmines all over the area, especially fields and paths leading to lakes and wells. The latest offensive- affected areas were Pashenee, Takrav, Kaleri, Seyahtank, Suri and Karbur in Dera Bugti. The press release read Pakistani forces began major offensives against innocent Baloch on Wednesday.

Security forces laid siege to the area and blocked entry and exit ways. According to the press release, security forces were also using gunship helicopters and heavy artillery. Several people have been killed and a good number of villagers have been injured. No accurate reports of casualties and death tolls have been reported because the areas were still besieged.

The BRP press release also read, “Besides, we want to make it clear that those Baloch youth presented as fighters of an armed Baloch resistance force by Pakistani forces in Karachi are actually Baloch students of Balochistan University abducted by Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies on January 18 from their hostel and their names were among those Baloch missing persons whose cases were taken by the chief justice of Pakistan during a hearing last week.”

“This malicious act is continuation of the genocide committed by Pakistani occupying forces against the Baloch people. This act has exposed the real face of Pakistani forces that abduct, torture and extra-judicially kill Baloch youth and dump their mutilated and bullet-riddled bodies in isolated and deserted places,” it read further.

“We appeal to the international community, human rights organisations, United Nations and civilised nations to take notice of such barbaric acts of Pakistani forces against Baloch people and play their important role to put an end to the ongoing full-fledged genocide of Baloch nation by Pakistani forces,” the PR concluded.

Courtesy : Daily times

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