Lyari: The unending war on Baloch – by Diagoh Murad

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The intense operation in Lyari has entered its 6th day with death toll rising to 70 and injuries are beyond 100 & the displacement of Baloch locals is gone to swooping 200 its like the operation was initiated to force the Baloch population to leave their shelters and homes & lately they have given ultimatum to Baloch locals of Lyari to leave their homes or else face the consequences (We know what those consequences are).

The latest human rights crisis where Lyari Baloch are ignored in this gruesome operation is beyond shocking, not just to Lyari Baloch but to the people of Balochistan, who are seeing all this in disbelieve. The Human rights organizations ‘Amnesty International, HRW, AHRC, HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), OHCHR (Office of the human commissioner for human rights) & Red Cross’ has just remained silent to this criminal operation over indigenous Baloch population, why? Perhaps they don’t care, they don’t have any interest in Lyari, they don’t see Lyari people’s as humans or they are deaf and voiceless when something of a Baloch human crisis comes up to them.

There so called human rights organization is money making scam, they don’t have any voices to raise when a nation like Baloch is being butchered and subjugated, on which operation after operation are unleashed, for them Baloch crisis doesn’t provide buoyant notes, they would prefer middle east crisis then Balochistan crisis because the former is more lucrative then the later, you can’t run a business on a sole purpose to help humanity, so why the double standards when you call yourself “Human Rights Organization” but turn your back whenever Baloch crisis issue is raised, the only answer is they are not interested in it.

The operation has been ongoing for 6 days continuously with No Food, No Water, No Electricity, No Medical aid & No Child Care, it is like Karbala over there where Baloch are forced not to leave their homes and shelters or else face the oncoming bullet because of the unjust call for “Shoot at Sight”, doesn’t matter you’re a teen or a women running to get food for your loved ones or medical aid to the injured, The eyes that are set on Lyari are through a sniper rifle which will shoot anybody dare to come out of their homes and face it, they are forced to die inside their homes with hunger, thirst & pain rather than to come out in the open and face their death without any justification from the other side.

The injured toll is raising high in numbers yesterday it was above 50 and now it has risen to +100, there is no medical aid provided not to any injured civilian inside Lyari, the local police forces have forced and ordered the local NGO’s like EDHI not to help the injured to try to enter the seized areas, according to EDHI personals the local police even fired bullets at them to stop them from entering the seized areas and later their ambulances were taken by local police forces, the mobile services are all jammed nothing goes out without the authority of the forces operating there & nothing goes in except bullets, grenades & rockets that surely are not helping the Baloch locals. Recently the forces have issued an ultimatum to residents of the seized areas (Nawalane, Kalakot) to vacate the areas immediately or else face the consequences.

The more this operation goes the more death toll rises, there is no Gangwar there, no Taliban or Al-Qaeda operative, it is not Waziristan, Quetta or Kabul it is Lyari, the place where labor class resides & the place where gross human rights violation is initiated with no ending in near days.

Courtesy: Diagoh Murad Weblog & Bibliography

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