Lyari: The Gaza Strip of Karachi by Diagoh Murad

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Karachi, the metropolitan city which summarizes a potential greater population of Baloch has once again seen the unsettling thunderous clouds marching their ways toward Baloch homes. The recent clash which many in Karachi believe is a slow genocide has turned the tide and became an aggressive attempt to force the Baloch indigenous population out of their shelters & homes.

On 27 April 2012 new wave of operation and house to house harassment was initiated which till present day is continued nonstop (A killing field just like Karbala) where Baloch people are seized inside their homes without any electricity, Food supplies, medical supplies , Child care or Humanitarian aid. Four days of intense operation and the people are forced to live without food and other necessities, Many Baloch in the start of operation have migrated to other urban localities of Baloch areas such as Jahangir Road, Taruline, Baloch Garden, Malir & Laluket.

The intensified operation to clear Lyari has taken a toll of lives, dozen of Baloch died while illegal arrest, torture & much causality were reported in three days, a mother who was accompanied by her daughter identified as Zainab Bibi Baloch said that her son was dragged out of the house and was taken away by police officials even though he had no part whatsoever in the killing of police officials. Another man who migrated with his wife and 2 children identified as Usman Baloch has said that he was forced to leave his mother’s house because of the operation he said that “While the police officials and Pakistan rangers claims that the operation is against Gangwar but the facts with displacement of Baloch population shows a different picture”.

According to local reports more then 100 families have so far been displaced by this recent wave of unintended operation where the prefix is operation on Gangwar but the picture and facts seen are to force Baloch people out of their native towns and cities. The Pakistan media claims that the operation is against the Gangwar and the ironic part is that they have renamed Lyari to “GangLand”, the awesomeness and all the awe part of their report is for their brave fighting local police, rangers & Civilian clothed MQM (Muthaida Qaumi Movement) goons, rejected any peaceful solutions they are clutching their fingers on the trigger and have been ordered to shoot at sight.

Lyari is the Gaza strip of Karachi like the IDF (Israel Defense Force) the Pakistan forces have seized all the surroundings and have ambushed the Lyari town, Dozens of Baloch teens were arrested while they were protesting the operation on Baloch population, not even a single is being spared. The houses are being bombed with grenades by local Pakistan forces, the retaliation from Baloch population is also intense & according to Pakistan media the retaliating Baloch are from the criminals while clearly one can see who holds the bigger guns, the latest machinery and ammunition from the pictures and video circulating the internet.

What’s happening in Lyari is a conscious question but sadly the answer to it is different when Pakistan media reports it, According to them Lyari is the land of Gangs, Criminals & thugs but this is far away from the truth, the recent clash (where displacement of Baloch families, along with illegal arrest and harassment of Baloch women) is between Baloch masses and Pakistan forces. The reason Lyari is subjugated and have seen dozen of operation in 3 years span is because of the increasing support for Independent Balochistan.

In 2011 95 dead bodies of Baloch activists were recovered who hailed from Lyari, some were killed in ethnical ground others were killed for political reasons, and of all these atrocities the Lyari Baloch suffered a slow genocide prior to this operation which has set a new wave in violence against Baloch ethnicity in Karachi. The ethical codes are all broken in the recent operation, there are cases which even I have witness that could testify have said that Police forces are groping Baloch women in the name of House To House search operation, Children are starving because of the curfew and in fear of shoot at sight.

The one side of the picture which is clearly distorting shows their seriousness to deal with Baloch nation be it Karachi or Balochistan, the only answer they can give to Baloch nation is through the barrel of the gun, that is what they believe is a peaceful solutions just like a quote would predict “A Good Baloch is a Dead Baloch”.

So for Pakistan your only good when your dead or a silent corpse who can’t see, can’t hear, can’t talk about the atrocities committed on his fellow Baloch, there main policy is to drive the Baloch so far away from their sanity that once they are termed “Terrorist”, “Miscreant” or “Gangwar” then the killing of Baloch nation is justified.

Courtesy: Diagoh Murad Weblog & Bibliography

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