Pakistan’s military operation in Turbat, 4 Baloch youths killed and 7 abducted

More than a 1000 Frontier Corps personnel in addition with ATF deployed in Gebon area of Turbat district. Heavy artillery used in operation against Baloch civilians including rocket launchers and mortar shells.

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces carried out an illegal raid on a house in Gebon, a rural area some 45 kilometers far away from Turbat city. According to reliable sources more than 8 vehicles of Frontier corps (FC) and military intelligence agency (MI) assaulted a house in Gebon region of Turbat today (Friday 26 April 2012) at 4:00 am . A police official while talking to local journalists in Turbat confirmed the military operation and said FC hadn’t taken police in confidence while conducting the raid.

Frontier corps (FC) and military intelligence today combinely conducted a military operation in Mr. Rasool Bakhsh house, a native of Gebon, whereby four Baloch youngsters were killed. Sources from Turbat told operation was started early morning at 4am and continued till 11am. Locals of Gebon said FC has now started raiding houses of common Baloch people and targeting the Baloch women and children. Entire area is under siege with army tanks and curfew imposed. People are detained in their houses and all sort of communication cut off while police forces, even, are banned to enter in the area.

Another Police official on the bet of anonymity said ”As we came to know of the operation, we contacted DCO Turbat and decided to visit the area but FC stopped and prevented us to enter. Police official said when they insisted on FC to allow them to visit in the area they took out their weapons and forcefully stopped DCO convoy. Confirmed sources said more than 1000 FC personnel and special commandos have reached and started raiding the houses of common Baloch people. Special commandos forces have completely took the charge of Gebon and suspended any sort of communication for people. According to the locals four Baloch youths have been killed till now while operation is still going on.Thier names are,Mohammad Husain S/o Sher Mohammad, Aslam S/o Shahsawar , Adam S/o Mayar and Ali Baloch S/o Mohammad.

Pakistani forces also abducted seven Baloch youths from the Gebon area.

On the other hand Mr. Rasool Bakhsh said FC along with MI attacked his house languid dawn and started beating women and children the situation made them compel to resist against them “ We are traditional people and we keep small guns in our houses for security reasons because government is failed to provide us security, FC attacked on our house at first started beating our children, women we couldn’t tolerate this and hit them with our small weapons in reprisal” a family member of Rasool Bakhsh said.

Heavy artillery used in operation against Baloch civilians including rocket launchers and mortar shells

It should be mentioned here that FC and military agency had started a series of conducting illegal operation and raiding of common Baloch houses in different areas of Balochistan since 2006. Today more than 14,000 Baloch are missing and some 10,000 had been brutally killed during such army operations.

Courtesy: Baloch Johd

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