Baloch Genocide: Bodies of three abducted Baloch found dumped

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces have killed and dumped three bodies of abducted Baloch in Kajoori and Kuchlak areas of Balochistan.

According to details two bullet-riddled bodies were found dumped in a desolate place near Kajori area of Musakhel district on Wednesday morning (25/04/2012). According to Levies officials, passers-by spotted the bodies and informed the nearby Levies centre. The bodies were taken to a nearby hospital where the victims were identified as Nabi Baksh Baloch and Nadeem Ahmed Baloch.

“The bodies had multiple bullet wounds and torture marks,” sources said. According to Pakistan newspapers an official claimed that, the victims belonged to the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). The identification of the bodies was ascertained through a note from their pockets. The bodies were later shifted to the Bolan Medical Teaching Hospital in Quetta for autopsy.

It is to be noted that Pakistani security agencies have abducted dozens of people from Marri Bohri, Kohlu and surrounding areas. Late last year at least four bodies of abducted Baloch were found in the same area. The victims had been abducted by FC during raids and search operations on their houses.

Separately another bullet riddled body of abducted Baloch youth was found from Kuchlak area of Balochistan. The victim identified as Sona Khan s/o Ali Baig Bangulzai was abducted two months ago by Pakistani forces from Golimaar Chowk Kill Brahimzai Quetta, Balochistan.

Meanwhile the civilian death squad of ISI, Nefaaz-e-Aman Balochistan, has accepted responsibility of killing Khan Mohammad Marri and Jahangir Baloch. The spokesperson of the paid Military gang, Ghazi Khan, claimed that Khany and Jahagir has been killed by his Organisation because they were members of Baloch resistance Organisation, Baloch Liberation Army. He further claimed that there are three other Baloch in his custody who would be killed soon.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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