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COMMENT: In the shadow of the gun (Part 1) — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

During the 1973-1977 army action in conflict zones, thousands of innocent people were killed, tens of thousands were internally displaced

Mr Ikram Sehgal’s “Of Empire and Army” (Newsline, March 2012) is a bundle of misinformation and bias against the Baloch. Perturbed that the media holds the security establishment solely responsible for the Balochistan crisis, he claims, “Most of our problems stem from jumping to conclusions that are based on misinformation, and then deliberately distorting those half-truths to suit mass perception.” He feels, “Disproportionate media projection of the separatist leaders encourages ethnic divisions and violence.” He probably thinks the Baloch struggle and the atrocities by the state are a figment of the media’s imagination.

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Baloch Republican Party has released the video evidence of Pakistani Military brutalities in Dera Bugti

Occupied Balochistan:This is a video proof of Pakistani occupying forces offensives in RD 238 area of Sui, Dera Bugti on March 30, 2012, where Pakistani forces set ablaze entire village into ashes,and an aged-woman namely Banuk Sazi Bibi was burnt alive. She later succumbed to her injuries and passed away. Many Cattles were also burnt alive as can be seen in the video.

Where are the so-called Human Rights Organization to take notice of these crimes against humanity by Pakistani forces in Occupied Balochistan.

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