Pakistani forces intensified offenisves against Marri & Bugti Baloch in Barkhan, 21 abducted: BNV

Occupied Balochistan:  Spokesperson of the Baloch National Voice (BNV) has said that Pakistani security forces have started gory operations against Marri and Bugti tribesmen on Saturday morning in surrounding area of Barkhan district.

According to media reports the Pakistani security forces, the military and FC, have intensified their offensives in adjoining areas of District Barkhan, Balochistan; during the operation military restored to indiscriminate firing and shelling. Heavy casualty is feared. The military also set ablaze standing crops of poor farmers and abducted over two dozen people.

The BNV statement further said that on early Saturday morning a passenger vehicle was going from Marri Bohri to Barkhan when the Pakistani security forces stopped it a Watakry check post. The Frontier Corps personnel abducted 11 Marri Baloch passengers and took them to an unknown location.

The abducted men have been named as Rahim Bux S/O Allo Marri, Taj Mohammad S/O Dad Mohammad Marri, Shero S/O Dad Mohammad Marri, Razi S/O Allah Bux Marri, Zahro S/O Khoda Bux Marri, Mitha S/O Hajihan Marri, Abdul Rahim S/O Ghulam Mohammad Marri, Alohan S/O Jalalhan Marri, Lala S/O Salamhan Marri, Nazar Khan S/O Hazar Khan Marri and Raza Khan S/O Mazar Khan Marri. All the named abducted people belong to Marri Bohri and Makhmaar, two Marri Baloch populated regions of district Barkhan.

Separately, the Pakistani military has also been shelling in GaamBarg, Dolwaahi and Uhi areas against Marri and Bugti tribesmen. Several houses and standing crops belonging to Marri and Bugti Baloch people were also set on fire. Around 10 men who belonged to Bugti (Paahi) were abducted from Dolwaahi area by Pakistani security forces.

The BNV spokesperson said that the Pakistani military and security agencies were led by some local agents (traitors) into these areas to carry the bloody offensives. The BNV blamed Sardar Khetran (Abdul Rehman Khetran) for assisting the Pakistani security forces to carry out these operations against Marri and Bugti tribesman in Barkhan. The statement warned “no matter how loyal Sardar khetran may be to the Pakistani security agencies but he will not be spared from the accountability of Baloch nation.”

Meanwhile in Quetta, the Pakistani security forces burnt and demolished a petrol station (Gas station) of Shaheed Balach Marri. The station was situated at Shahzaman road off Arbab Karam Khan road, Quetta which has been completely levelled to ground under the order of Balochistan Chief minister Aslam Raisani, alleged the BNV.

The statement further said that earlier the henchmen of Raisani brothers occupied two houses of Shaheed Balach Marri on Al-Mashriq street Quetta. They dismantled one of the houses whereas the other house has been converted into their state-sponsored torture centre. It is to be noted that brother of CM Balochistan – Siraaj Raisani and Saheef Mengal are the heads of ISI’s notorious death squads who are involved in abductions, torture and kill & dump policy of Baloch youth across Balochistan.

Courtesy: DailyTawar Baloch Warna

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