Three more Baloch youths killed under military custody as CJ visited Balochistan

Three abducted youths killed under military custody and four Marri Baloch presented before Chief Justice have again been disappeared.

Occupied Balochistan: Three more abducted Baloch youths killed under military custody,as Chief Justice of Pakistan arrived in Balochistan. According to reports three mutilated bodies were found in the Kanak area of Mastung, and Peer Soohri Darbar of Dera Bugti, on Thursday and Friday respectively.

According to an official of the Balochistan Levies, on 6 April 2012 some passers-by spotted two bodies dumped in a deserted location in Kanak – the electoral constituency of Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani – and informed the Levies Station.

The bodies were initially taken to a nearby state-run hospital in Mastung and later shifted to Provincial Sandeman Hospital Quetta for autospy. Where the bodies were identified as of Abdul Manan s/o Abdul Samad Perkani and Rahees Raisani. Both were abducted by Pakistani security forces.

Separately, on Thursday (05-04-2012) the body of Sabzal S/O Hayrdad Bugti’s was recovered in Dera Bugti area of peer Soohri darbar. Mr Bugti was abducted during a raid on his house from PeerKoh area of Dera Bugti.

The Balochistan government has claimed before the Supreme Court that the number of mutilated bodies recovered has declined in recent months. According to them, over 300 mutilated and bullet-riddled bodies have so far been found dumped in different parts of Balochistan and a few cases in this regard were registered as well.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), informed the court that all those whose bodies were found in the province were previously abducted by security forces and were missing. The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons says that over 400 mutilated bodies of Baloch abducted persons have been found since July 2010. Earlier the VBMP had rejected a reported released by HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) saying that the report has distorted the accurate figure of abducted Baloch and victims of state sponsored kill and dump policy.

The dozen of Balochs who were recently abducted from Sariab area of Quetta by the Pakistani military and secret agencies.Only four of those missing persons produced by Police before the Quetta Registry of the Supreme Court on Friday.According to the reports four of them soon after their appearance before the court once again disappeared by the secret agencies.Pakistani secret agencies and Judiciary is only trying to make fool the international community by giving such an impression on news headlines as four Baloch missing persons are recovered,but infact they are once again disappeared.

Source : Baloch Johd

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