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Canada: Baloch Cultural Day

Baloch community of British Columbia and Baloch Community of Seattle together held a successful cultural event at Simon Fraser University in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada on Saturday March 31st 2012 with distingusihed speakers and display of Baloch arts the event had much to offer.

Hussain Baloch, a Simon Fraser University student took care of the stage with his opening statement. “My family made the big move to Canada when I was a very young little boy, and growing up here in Canada which is an obvious multicultural country, I think one of the most common questions that any Canadian gets asked on a daily basis is where your ethnic background is from? And being a Baloch, it was always a tricky question to answer, and the reason being was no one had heard of it, always left a confused look on people’s faces once they heard it. Who, what, and where are the Baloch people, well that’s what we are here to discover today.”

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