Zakir Baloch’s life is in Extreme Danger says Parents

Occupied Balochistan: The parents of Zakir Baloch have expressed their despair at a press conference in Mastung saying that they were extremely worried about the life of their son. They said that their son’s life was in extreme danger, given the fact that the enforced disappeared political workers’ severely tortured dead bodies were appearing on daily bases all around Balochistan, DailyTawer reported yesterday.

Zakir Baloch, a senior leader of Baloch Students Organization (Azad) was abducted by eight armed personnel almost one and half year ago in Mastung city at a bus station while working in a Medical Store on September 9th 2010.

Zaker’s parent said that their son was innocent. They said that their son, Zakir Baloch was the only bread winner of the family. “Due to his absence life is hell for them to make the both ends meet, starvation has now started to besiege the family” lamented the parents of Baloch Student leader. They said that if their son had committed any wrong doing, then he should be put on trial before accordance to law of the land.

Zakir Baloch’s parents appealed to chief justice of Pakistan, Amnesty International, and all other International Human rights Organizations to help them to release their son from illegal captivity.

Courtesy: Dailytawar
Translated by: Archen Baloch

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