Protest against Baloch Genocide: Hundreds joined the voice for Missing Baloch rally

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Karachi: The voice for Baloch Missing Persons organised a massive protest rally against enforced-disappearances, kill and dump policy, military operation and state [Pakistan] sponsored violence against Baloch women and children during search operations in Balochistan.

The rally set off from Arts Council marched towards Karachi Press club, hundreds of Baloch women, children, elders and people from different walks of life joined the rally to express their support to the families of abducted Baloch and to condemn state intimidation against Baloch nation. The participants of rally chanted slogans against state atrocities Baloch people, the release of abducted Baloch persons and a halt to on-going military operation in Balochistan. The participants were also carrying pictures of victims of state terrorism, Baloch Martyrs, and enforced disappeared Baloch activists.

Addressing the massive protest demonstration and media persons the voice chairman of VBMP, Abdul Qadeer Baloch, has said that Pakistan has broken the record of all human rights violations in Balochistan as there was law of jangle and security forces violate sanctity of houses, harass women and children with immunity from the judiciary and the so called parliament. They abduct Baloch activists from their houses, subject them to brutal and inhumane torture causing their death under-custody and after that they dump their bodies on roadside or deserted areas across Balochistan. They pick up people whenever they want and from wherever they can – recently they abducted ten (10 Marri Baloch) persons including three children of same family from Saryab Road Quetta during a raid. The women and children were terrorised and beaten, they also disrespected the Holy Quran during their rampage.

He said military armed with sophisticated weapons and backed by gunship helicopters were carrying regular offensives in Sui, Dera Bugti and surrounding areas; several people have been killed and abducted during these brutal military operations. Peoples’ houses were burnt and their standing crops have been set on fire by Pakistani security forces.

He said despite government’s claims of releasing abducted Baloch activists the number of abductions and dumping of bullet-ridden bodies increased. Six bodies of previously abducted Baloch were found in past few days and several have been abducted after the government’s announcement of releasing enforced-disappeared Baloch. According the Qadeer Baloch the number of people killed under-custody is over 380 whereas around 14,000 Baloch are still being illegally detained by Pakistani security agencies.

He said whenever the judiciary or the government functionaries give statements in support of abducted Baloch, the following days more Baloch will be abducted and killed. “We are very much concerned about the life and wellbeing of 14,000 Baloch who are currently in custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies and military.” Few days back the federal interior minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik, has said “the number of Baloch missing persons is 48” – soon after this statement more than six dead bodies of abducted Baloch were dumped and several people have been abducted. “We fear that most of abducted Baloch have either already been killed under-custody or they will be killed and buried at undisclosed in mass graves”, said Qadeer Baloch.

The voice chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons said that bogus claims of the Pakistani government about the release of abducted Baloch are cruel jokes. The contradictory statements of judiciary and the rulers itself are a proof that they want to expand the kill and dump policy in Balochistan which could become a great human tragedy. Sometime the rulers and security agencies are in denial about abducted Baloch, sometime they say abducted Baloch have been released, sometime they say missing persons will be released and sometime they gave contradicting figures of abducted Baloch persons. “We are continuously getting the dead bodies of our loved ones. If they there are no missing person in the custody of Pakistani security agencies then where do these bodies come from? If only a handful of Baloch have been abducted, then where do over 380 bodies come from, among which over 60’s bodies were beyond recognition?” asked Qadeer Baloch.

He said the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and families of missing persons have been protesting from past 699 days, they have protested in Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta and other city of Balochistan. Strongly criticising the media he said that “Unfortunately, during our long struggle the print and electronic has not taken this human tragedy seriously which make them complicit and crime partners [of those who have abducted and killed our loved one]”.

He further said that the ISI and security agencies have threatened the members of VBMP and relatives of abducted Baloch with dire consequences, if they do not end their protest. Many members of VBMP have also been target killed and abducted. “One the day the security agencies have sent a message by Abdul Samad Badini, a nephew of Senator Wali Mohammad Badini, to asked us to the end the protest camp in Quetta if we wanted our loved one back alive. He also asked me to either pay 200,000 for the release of Jalil Reki or wait for his dead body to arrive. Similarly they called families of Shaheed Ghaffar Langov Baloch and Sangat Sana Baluch and demanded money. When we refused to pay them the required amount they killed and dumped our beloved sons. We are even receiving threats in Karachi. Our camp has been dismantled twice in Karachi. That is why we fear that along with the abducted persons their relatives might also be abducted or target killed.”

Further addressing the rally Qadeer Baloch said “Through this massive rally and demonstration I urge the claimant of human rights including amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, European Union, United Nations and other humanitarian organisations take serous notice of the plight of Baloch Nation because Pakistan has crossed all limits of human rights in Balochistan. The state neither follow International Laws not does it respect the UN charter that is why it is violating all International humanitarian laws and committing genocide of Baloch people. The silence of International community and ignoring Pakistani crimes against humanity is giving more energy to the state to continue its barbaric acts in Balochistan.

“We appeal to the United Nations, US, UK EU, International Human Rights Organisations, International Media and International Court of Justice to understand the gravity of this human tragedy in Balochistan and immediately urge Pakistan to stop the genocide of Baloch people, release all abducted Baloch and abide by International laws.”


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source: Baloch Waran

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