We support Baloch liberation movement: Baloch Ulema Tehreek

Jihad becomes an obligation; even if occupiers and oppressors are Muslims: Spokesperson

Pakistan was founded on the name of Islam but it is defaming Islam: Moulana Abdul Kalam

Occupied Balochistan: Quetta: (NNI) The Spokesperson of Baloch Ulema Tehreek (Baloch Islamic religious scholar movement) Moulana Abdul Kalam said it is been a long while that we have been deliberating on the situation of Balochistan. Taking under consideration the future of Baloch nation, and many important aspect of its history, in the light of Islamic teachings and in view of the ongoing Baloch struggle we completely support the independence of Balochistan.

Allah (God) has given the right of freedom to every human, even if an Islamic country becomes an occupier and oppressors; Jihad becomes an obligation to gain freedom from it.  Pakistan has been founded to become an Islamic state, but it never became an Islamic state, instead it is defaming Islam.

Talking to NNI by phone from an unspecific location, he further said, When the Lal Masjid was destroyed we did not see existence of any Difa-e-Pakistan Council. Those who are using Islam as a shield for their lewd interest, the wrath of Allah shall fall upon them. Shafiq Mohammedzai (Shafiq Mengal) and Siraj (Siraj Raisani) are being used by Pakistani intelligence agencies to murder innocent Baloch youth and their families, then they call the martyrs infidels, which is  completely an un-Islamic act, because in Hadees (saying of Prophet PBUH) it is mention that calling any Muslim a infidel falls in the category of sin.

In the past, few of our colleagues were involved in Afghan Jihad against the former Soviet Union (USSR), that time our holy warriors were being financed and trained by United States of America. They stated that, we want help, whoever is going to offer. “However what Americans are, at least they are Ahl al-Kitāb (People of the Book) we should get their support as Russian’s are atheist”, these were their words disseminated at that time. But, China is even worst atheist then them and is strongly against Islam, then, why Pakistan is sitting on the lap of China. Pakistan has no love for Islam; it wants to use Islam for its unjust interests.

The government of America does not support the independence of Balochistan, but the weapons provided by America are being used against the Baloch. If few representatives of American congress, on the base of humanity support the independence of Balochistan, then there is nothing wrong with it. Our eyes are now open, because our own fatherland is burning, according to Islam law, first we have to free our own fatherland then we should think for others.

If Difa-e-Pakistan Council, have announced Jihad against the freedom fighter in Balochistan, they should remember, the war between Imam Hussein and Yazid, where both the side were Muslims, one was righteous and the other decadent. In this war Baloch freedom fighter are righteous, Allah will make a better decision.  Inshallah, (God willing) our fatherland will soon be free and our mothers and sister’s honors will be protected. According to Islam, all the Baloch martyrs have raise to the status of Shaheed.

During the period of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), when his Sahabah (the companions) migrated to Habesha, it was a not a Muslim country. Asylum was requested by the Sahabah from the country of Najashi. When great conquerors of Islam, Sahabah, can take asylums in a non-Muslim country then why not Hairbyair Marri and Bramdagh Bugti do so.

We strongly appeal to all Baloch religious scholars, as per their conscience, Islamic history and in view of Balochistan’s situation, they should support the independence of Balochistan and join us in the Jihad. They should not support Difa-e-Pakistan Council as they are once again repeating the history of Bangladesh. As per the instruction of Allah and its prophet (PBUM) we will continue our Jihad for an independent Balochistan.

Source (NNI)


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